The online archive of Fluxfest Chicago

An Incomplete List of Fluxfest Chicago Participants :: 2011 - 2012
Keith A. Buchholz
Tricia Van Eck
Allan Revich
Melissa McCarthy
Reid Wood
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
Cecil Touchon
Reed Altemus
Allen Bukoff
Svetlana Pesetskaya
Виктория Барвенко
John M. Bennett
Catherine Mehrl Bennett
Jennifer Weigel
Jonathan Stangroom
Jonathan Leiter
Viv DaydeDada
Mary Campbell
Cathi Schwalbe
Jokie X. Wilson
Adamandia Kapsalis
Neosho Mailart
Andrew Oleksiuk
Claudia Laska
Moan Lisa
Jeff Sass
Michelle Sass Hake
Miekal And
Josh Ronsen
Honoria Starbuck
Red Letter Day Zine
Darling Darlene(Domel)
Shirley Hathaway
James Hathaway
Kelly Courtney
Jean Kusina
Joshua Rutherford
Jessica Rutherford
Mark Bloch
CamillE Bacos
Kathy Ernst
Tammy Kinsey
MailWorks Brussels
To add your name to this list, please contact fluxfest.org.

CHICAGO FLUXFESTs are organized by Keith A. Buchholz and members of the contemporary Fluxus commmunity.

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