Opening for A Book About Death
Thursday, September 10, 2009
Emily Harvey Gallery
Documentation of Fluxfest New York 2009
Friday, September 11, 2009, 7 - 9 pm
The Boiler at Peirogi
Photos, videos and links.

At The Boiler
a few photos from Allan Revich and Bibiana Padilla Maltos

click on photos to get larger image

Keith Buchholz inviting you in

The Boiler Room

Keith Buchholz setting up

Stefan Brand Stifter performing

Melissa McCarthy performing

Reid Wood performing

Tamara Wyndham performing

Reed Altemus performing

Keith Buchholz performing


Reed Altemus & Melissa McCarthy

Larry Miller videotaping

Not all performers and participants are shown here.

If you know of any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of this 2009 festival that should be included here, please let us know! Email us here.

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