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Performances on the Staten Island Ferry, at Show Gallery, Art at Bay, Deep Tanks and ETG Cafe, April 16 2011.
Documentation for New York Fluxfest 2011
April 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
Photos, videos and links
DADA Machine FLUXUS - new score
Tribes Gallery
Tuesday April 12, 7 pm

Advertising the Dada Machine
Fluxus performance
@ Tribes

Picasso Gaglione setting up Getting ready for the performance
Inside/Outside Fluxus- Performance and Readings
Printed Matter
Wednesday April 13, 5pm

Performances inside
Here we are at Printed Matter! John M. Bennett and Steve Dalachinsky

Videos by Allan Revich

29 minute video of performances by Reid Wood, John M. Bennett, Jean Kusina & Tammy Kinsey, Melissa McCarthy, Keith A. Buchholz, Allan Revich, Joel Cohen, E.F. Higgins III, and Steve Dalachinsky

An additional performance by C. Mehrl Bennett, "RED YELLOW BLUE." Fill red, yellow and blue containers with red, yellow and blue marbles. Release the marbles all at once.

Performances outside (photos by Reid Wood)
John M. Bennett performing Keith A. Buchholz performing Melissa McCarthy performing Handing out Fluxus Bucks Allan Revich & Sticker Dude Playing
New York Correspondance School Dinner
Katz's Deli
Wednesday April 13, 7:30 pm
(photos by Reid Wood and Allan Revich)
Gaglione, Kusina & Revich Katz Deli! Marlene and Honey

"A Moveable Fluxfest" on Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace website.
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Flux Alive - Performances
Thursday April 14, 7:15pm
(photos by Reid Wood)

Steve Dalachinsky Allan Revich John M. Bennett Reid Wood C. Mehrl Bennett Mary Campbell

Viv de Dada Keith A. Buchholz MelissaMcCarthy Jean Kusina & Tammy Kinsey Tamara Wyndham

Kostelanetz, Bennett, Dalachinsky
Imagine Mosaic, Strawberry Fields in Central Park
Friday April 15, 1pm
"East Meets West" by Viv de Dada
Induction Performance Slideshow
Flux Zig Zag afternoon of performance/scores
Staten Island
Saturday April 16, 12:15 pm at Manhattan Whitehall Ferry Terminal for the Staten Island Ferry

Chris Reynolds and Reid Wood. Photo by C. Mehrl Bennett.

Performances on the Staten Island Ferry, at Show Gallery, Art at Bay, Deep Tanks and ETG Cafe, April 16 2011.
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On the Staten Island Ferry
Viv de Dada's slideshow sampler of Flux Zig Zag performances

@ Deep Tracks
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Chris Reynolds "Milk Event" (video by Allan Revich)
Special Project!
live performances via Skype from around the world
organized & produced by

Mary Campbell

Viv de Dada

Allen Bukoff
Day de Dada
Performance Art Collective
Fluxus Midwest

Technical services, Taylor Moore.
The following videos were recorded at ETG by Lydia Grey For more information and videos about this project visit here.

Walter Cianciusi is a musician living in Italy. He dedicates his life to guitar and composition, enjoying art in a Fluxus way. Litsa Spathi is a conceptual artist living in Germany and the Netherlands. She makes object books, fluxus poetry and art-news poems. Since 2003 she is managing director of Fluxus Heidelberg Center Canadian Susan Gold's Nobel Peace Project receives Mail Art and Fluxus material from all over the world. Sharing some of this work as her Fluxfest performance puts this work back into the eternal ethernet.
Bibiana Padilla Maltos is a Tijuana-born writer and conceptual artist living in Los Angeles. Her work includes collage, the reinvention of performances, visual narratives parallel to literary and political texts and explorations of the body’s sense. Angela Ferrara is an architect, graphic designer and visual artist, living in Sao Paulo. Allen Bukoff, PhD, is a social psychologist living in Michigan. He serves as Acting Director of Fluxus Midwest.
Jennifer Kosharek is a mom, artist, and gallery owner living in Florida. Jamie Newton lives west of the Cascades, south of the Columbia and north of that big fir tree. Ruud Janssen lives in the Netherlands. He founded and manages IUOMA (the International Union of Mail Artists) and TAM (the Traveling Art Mail Rubber Stamp Archives).
Matt Taggart is montana's claim to fluxus fame. He performs noise music too. Go figure. Gregory Steel is an artist, educator, troublemaker in general, living in Indiana.

C. Mehrl Bennett's photos from New York Fluxfest 2011
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John M. Bennett's photos from New York Fluxfest 2011
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If you know of any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of this 2011 festival that should be included here, please let us know! Email us here.

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