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Documentation for Chicago Fluxfest 2016
May 26, 27, 28 and 29
Photos, videos and links.
Group Photo Chicago Fluxfest 2016
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Exhibition Opening and Reception
"DO IT NOW" - Contemporary Networking in Mailart and Fluxus"

Joan Flasch Artistbook Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Thursday, May 26th 4-7pm
Exhibition in display cases -- click to view larger images

Special submission: Fluxus Rug from Patrick Lichty

Adamandia Kapsalis with her submission

Kicking off Chicago Fluxfest 2016


Video by Shirley Hathaway
Green Chair at The Palmer House

Photos by C. Mehrl Bennett. Animation by Allen Bukoff.
CHICAGO FLUXUS DAY - Performances, Installations, Mailart Making, Mayhem ...
Chicago Cultural Center
Friday, May 27th 11-5pm
A Red Trench Coat and a Bunch of Fluxus Artists at Chicago Fluxfest 2016

Video by Viv de Dada
Two Performances
"DADA Cheer" by Reid Wood
"Fluxus Kiss" by C. Mehrl & John M. Bennett

Video by Mary Campbell
"Fair Warning" by Reid Wood

Video by Reid

Asymmetric Fluxus (with dog) by Allen Bukoff

Jokie X Wilson, John M. Bennett, Jonathan Stangroom, Jane Benight & her dog, Jennifer Weigel.

RUBRIC by Jane Flury. Performed by Jane Flury & Viv Vassar. Music by Allan Revich.

Video by Mary Campbell
"Another goddamn video of twirling letters and people"
by Allen Bukoff

Video by Allen Bukoff
Special Project
Some Recognition: Installation, Performance, Poster
By Allen Bukoff/Fluxus Midwest

World Premiere
"Some people sometimes doing Fluxus at Fluxfests"

Video by Allen Bukoff
Installation at Fluxfest
View, download, and print poster

Reid Wood performing DADA AD. Photos by C. Mehrl Bennett. Slideshow by Allen Bukoff.
Jennifer Weigel performing a score by Melissa McCarthy called YOUR PICTURE AS SOMEONE ELSE. Photos by C. Mehrl Bennett. Slideshow by Allen Bukoff.
Click below to explore C. Mehrl Bennett's Photos from the Chicago Cultural Center
New York Correspondance School of Chicago
Annual Dinner and Meeting
(This year honoring William S. Wilson)

The Berghoff
Friday, May 27th 7pm
Can you guess who took these pictures?
A Tour of "A Feast of Astonishments: Charlotte Moorman and the Avant-Garde, 1960s-1980s"
Fluxus Street Theatre -- Guerrilla Performance activities on the Plaza at the Museum
Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University

Saturday, May 28th 10 AM - ?
Visit the Charlotte Moorman exhibition at The Block Museum online
Another Fluxfest group photo
by Sean Su Sean Super Photography

Special project: Fluxus Photo Booth

During the course of the afternoon fluxfest participants were asked to pose as a Fluxus Clown Shaman. These pictures were used to create a Fluxfest poster. Project by Allen Bukoff/Fluxus Midwest.
Click to view, download, and print out this graphic.
Final Gathering: Potluck Performance, Conversation, Collaboration, Community ...
6018North - Chicago's Home for Experimental Arts & Culture
Sunday, May 29th 11-4pm
If you know of any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of this 2016 festival that should be included here, please let us know! Email us here.

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