Organized by Kirkos Ensemble, Dublin, Ireland

Poster design by Ena Brennan

16 classic Fluxus scores

Loop designed by Ena Brennan.
Sebastian Adams (vla) Leonie Bluett (cl) Iseult Cooper Stockdale (vc) Miriam Kaczor (fl) Tom Roseingrave (actor) The piece was performed as part of a Happening so there are other works being performed at the same time. Video by David Bremner.
Schedule of events and performances at 2016 Kirkos Fluxfest
30 performances and events occuring across 4 floors and a balcony
from 7:00 - 9:35 pm, on October 15, 2016
Performance and activity schedule kindly provided by Sebastian Adams, Kirkos Ensemble
83 photos of this event from Daryl Feehely on
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Brand, print and video work for this Fluxfest by Ena Brennan

Voiceover from
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