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Performances and events developed and produced organized
by Keith A. Buchholz & the contemporary Fluxus community.
Documentation for Chicago Fluxfest 2017
May 25, 26, 27 and 28
Photos, videos and links.
Opening Reception: "Connections"
Joan Flasch Artistbook Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Thursday, May 25th 4-7pm
Checking things out Joan Flasch's Artist Book Collection Hanging out with Chagall Hitting the streets
Hanging out at Italian Village
A Visit to Concrete Happenings
Smart Museum of Art
Friday, May 6th, 10am
Wolf Vostell's "Concrete Traffic" Checking it out
New York Correspondance School Dinner
The Burghoff Restaurant
May 26, 8pm
Photos by Reid Wood and Allan Revich -- click any photo to view larger image
Contemporary Fluxus Performances, Scores & Objects
UNUM Gallery
Saturday, May 27th, 1-4pm
John M. Bennett
dream interpretation

"Nobody here ..."
by Keith A. Buchholz

John M. Bennett reading
some of his poetry

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Ignore Cathi Schwalbe John M. Bennett reading
surrounded by an attentive audience
Bibiana Padilla Maltos' homage
to Felipe Ehrenberg and his
"Evento Hilado / String Event"
Waiting to take turns performing

"Making America Grate, Again!"
Score by Reid Wood.
Performed by Bernd Reichert.
(ZAUM) poems by Daniil Kharms (Russian- 1925 SEC for Esther)
and by Paul Scheerbart (German- 1897 poem KIKAKOKU!)
performed by C. Merhl Bennett, John M. Bennett, and Jane Benight.
"Many Hats She Wears" (Version 6)
featuring Cathi Schwalbe

"Business Man Piñata" by Cathi Schwalbe

"Skirt cut" by Jennifer Weigel "Political path" by Keith A. Buchholz.
Make a path of Cheetos. Walk it.
"Skirt cut" by Jennifer Weigel

"Ask a Cow" flower petal display
by C. Mehrl Bennett
Special Fluxfest Installation
"An excuse to be outside"

Walking labyrinth by Cathi Schwalbe
Special Fluxfest Project
Fluxus Army Stickmen

by Allen Bukoff/Fluxus Midwest

Installation at UNUM

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Spontaneous Convergence
Allen Bukoff's stick figure of C. Mehrl Bennett gets an "Ask the Cow" doll from Phyllis Steen and gets wrapped in a shawl from C. Mehrl Bennett.
Fluxus Potluck -- Food & Performances
6018North ‐ Chicago's Home for Experimental Arts & Culture
Sunday, May 28th, 12-5pm

Suits created for Fluxfest by Allen Bukoff
Fucking around at 6018NORTH
Both videos by Bibiana Padilla Maltos

Cecil Touchon, Andrew Olesiuk, Cathi Schwalbe
One-second looping video
Andrew Oleksiuk

Group Photo
Front Porch 6018North
If you know of any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of this 2017 festival that should be included here, please let us know! Email us.

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