Organized by Keith A. Buchholz
and members of the contemporary Fluxus community.

Poster design Keith Buchholz

Documentation for Chicago Fluxfest 2018
May 24, 25, 26 and 27
Photos, videos and links
Thursday afternoon at the Chicago Cultural Center
Make some art at the Keith Herring exhibition
Friday afternoon FluxPark Activities
Click to learn about Cathi Schwalbe's #FreeListening Melissa McCarthy Keith Buchholz performing "Homeland"
Bibiana Padilla Maltos's Memory Game John M. Bennett organizes a Kostelanetz reading Keith Buchholz gets us to beat each other
with sacks of bread
Allan Revich Stands Up Keith Buchholz performing "Water Music Too" Keith Buchholz - Junior Optimist
Special project
Flux Mass
written/performed by two priestesses (Diane Keys & C. Mehrl Bennett)
with assistance from deacon (Jonathan Stangroom) and the congregation

May 27, 2018, at Portage Park during Chicago Fluxfest
Andrew Oleksiuk receiving the Body of Crust Sacraments of the FluxMass Wrapped in the shroud of FluxMass
Click here to view the liturgical score for this Mass
Camp Fluxus at Fluxfest
Camp Fluxus Merit Badges
Special project by Diane Keys
Diane Keys initiates FluxScouts and FluxMerit badges The FluxScout Handbook! Campers earning merit badges
Adamandia Kapsalis guides the group in stargazing Bibiana Padilla does some magic
Saturday Beach Party
Photos by Allen Bukoff
Beach Party Videos

C. Mehrl Bennett & Tristan performing a score by Jonathan Leiter in honor of Geoffrey Hendricks #cloudsmith at Lake Michigan.

"Itz all about U" sung by Diane and Willow Keys for Andrew Oleksiuk

Costumes, choreography, and animation by Allen Bukoff.
Performers: Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Melissa McCarthy, Diane Keys, Jonathan Stangroom, Andrew Oleksiuk, and C. Mehrl Bennett
Saturday evening New York Correspondance Dinner at The Bergdorf

Picasso Gaglione is a jerk. Video by Bibiana Padilla Maltos

Look, here it is, Fluxfest 2018. Video by James Edward Hathaway
Sunday afternoon at 6018 North
Some of the Performances
Bibiana Padilla Maltos Making Ceremonial Tortillas

Communicating as bees by Mariana Picart Motuzas. Performed by Fluxsters on and around the front porch.

I AM ____ by Jane Hsiaoching Wang — with Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Keith Buchholz, Cathi Schwalbe, Pate Conaway, Roosevelt Burrell, Adamandia Kapsalis, Andrew Oleksiuk, Jonathan Stangroom, and Allan Revich.

Reid Wood's "Make America Grate Again" performed by Allan Revich. Props provided by C. Mehrl Bennett.

"I am the Walrus"

Allen Bukoff, Jonathan Stangroom, and Andrew Oleksiuk perform Allen Bukoff's version of the Beatles' "I am the Walrus." Video by Allan Revich. Visit the Asemic Walrus website for more.

"Balloons in Search of a Purpose" by Allen Bukoff.
Place cursor over photo to reveal the script.

Walter Cianciusi's "Drone Music"performed
by Bibiana Padilla Maltos and Keith A. Buchholz.
Score: Rub a finger on a wet glass (2011).
Click below to explore Cathi Schwalbe's Photos of this Fluxfest
If there are any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of this 2018 festival that should be included here, please let us know! Email us here.

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