Organized by Bibiana Padilla Maltos,
members of the Hotel Dada community,
and members of the contemporary Fluxus community
Silvio De Gracia
Hotel Dada

Described as the most radical and experimental art movement of the 1960s, Fluxus has challenged traditional thinking about art and culture for more than four decades. It has been a think tank for artistic experimentation in Europe, Asia, and the United States. It had a central role in the birth of key forms of contemporary art, such as conceptual art, installation, performance, intermedia and video. Despite its great influence, the scope and scale of this unique phenomenon makes its explanation extremely complex in historical and critical normative terms.

However, the art marketing system has reduced Fluxus to a movement restricted to a specific time, and group of people, blocking the way for further developments beyond the ’70s. Killing off Fluxus has made it easier for museum curators and deep pocketed collectors to mount retrospectives, large exhibitions and to create a market, but it contradicts the true spirit of Fluxus. Dick Higgins, a Fluxus co-founder and one of its greatest theorists, has written that: Fluxus is not a moment in history or an artistic movement. Fluxus is a way of doing things, a tradition and a way of life and death. For Higgins, many of his contemporaries, and theorist-historians like Owen Smith and Ken Friedman, Fluxus was more valuable as an idea and agent of social change than as a specific group of people or a collection of objects.

Contrary to market forces and a small group of academics, Fluxus did not die on a sacred date in the past but is still alive. Today Fluxus is a forum, a circle of friends, a living community. Fluxus as a way of thinking and working retains its vitality and continues to transform the relationship between art and the world around it. Today, various artists from around the world continue to work in the Fluxus tradition, internalizing this attitude and integrating it into their artistic creation.

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Documentation for Hotel Dada Fluxfest 2020
August 1 & 2
Videos, photos and links.
Hotel Dada Fluxfest Day 1 -- August 1, 2020
Watch the entire Day 1 here or view the individual performances below

John Bennett reading two poems

C. Mehrl Bennett -- video tour of installation she made that morning

Keith A. Buchholz smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee during the pandemic

Mary Campbell

Kelly Courtney singing "Motherland" by Natalie Merchant

Elizabeth Beckmann performance

Picasso Gaglione performing
I am Fernando Garcia Delgado

Viv de Dada performing

Adamandia Kapsalis performing
Plastic around the Earth

Two videos from The Kinsinas
Are we floating? and One Basket

Jonathan Leiter with an impromptu performance

Patrick Lichty performing
CHEWED DRAWING (after Larry Miller)

Barbara Lubliner demonstrating
Baby Sign Language

Michael Orr & Michael Orr performing
Detrieval and Relivery

Andrew Oleksiuk -- three performances:
Mieko Shiomi's Smile, Ocean Piece and Writing mail art to Lubomyr Tymkiv
A Screenshot of Participants on Day One
Hotel Dada Fluxfest Day 2 -- August 2, 2020
Watch the entire Day 2 here or view the individual performances below

Silvio de Gracia and Ana Montenegro
welcome us to Hotel Dada Fluxfest Day 2

Ana Montenegro performing
Nothing by Ben Vautier

Silvio De Gracia performance

S.A. Griffin and Lorraine Perrotta performing

Madawg does a quick tour of Boring, Oregon,
Homage to Ruud Jannsen

Allan Revich presents
Asemic Fluxus Manifesto

Mike M. Mollett and Neal Taylor

Josh Ronsen drawing
A thin blue line that should be shoved up Derek Chauvin's ass

Catherine Schwalbe creating
Before After (2020)

Jack Seiei video

Cecil Touchon reports
from Fluxus Laboratories

Jane Wang

Jokie X Wilson
Video, images, and text

Jennifer Weigel
How I felt about all of this year

Reid Wood with two performances
Facial Expressions and An Optimist

Bibiana Padilla Maltos
with her eyes closed
A Screenshot of Participants on Day Two
Images Captured from Zoom
by Adamandia Kapsalis, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Barbara Lubliner

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Continuing interactions
between Hotel Dada and North American Fluxsters

An online discussion focusing on the Spirit of Fluxus
was held on December 18, 2020
with Silvio De Garcia, Ana Montenegro, Bibiana Padilla Maltos,
The Kinsinas (Tammy Kinsey and Jean Kusina), and Michael Orr.

If there are any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of this 2020 online festival that should be included here, please let us know! Email us here.

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