Fluxfest During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Organized by Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Allan Revich, Keith Buchholz and the contemporary Fluxus community.
Invitation by Bibiana Padilla Maltos

Day 1 - Live Online Performances

Entire Day 1 video (or view individual performances below
  Day 2 - Short Pre-recorded Performances

Entire Day 2 video here (or individual videos below)

Live Performances - Day 1 C. Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett, Keith Buchholz, Mary Campbell, Devin Cohen, Pate Conaway, Viv de Dada, Lova Delis, Lydia Grey, S.A. Griffin, Adamandia Kapsalis, Barbara Lubliner, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Melissa McCarthy, Allan Revich, Owen Smith, Joyce Toye, Jane Wang, Jennifer Weigel, Jokie X Wilson, Reid Wood
Prerecorded Performances - Day 2 Argentina Ana Montenegro, Silvio de Gracia Canada Allan Revich Croatia Roberto Vodanovic Germany Brandstifter, Thorsten Fuhrmann, Susanne & Lars Schumacher, Horst Tress Italy Pier Roberto Bassi, Angelo NGE Colella, Maya Lopez Muro, Roberto Scala, Giovanni e Renata StraDada, Luca Zanini Mexico Aleandro Espinoza, _guroga, Diana Magallónz Russia Alexander Limarev, Svetlana Pesetskaya Turkey Derya AVCI and Ahmet Hakan UK Matthew Lee Knowles USA C. Mehrl Bennett, John M Bennett, Keith Buchholz, Viv de Dada, Picasso Gaglione, Adamandia Kapsalis, Kinsinas, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Mike M. Mollett / Neal Taylor, Michæl Orr, Chris Reynolds, Owen Smith, Rod Summers, Jennifer Weigel, Jokie X Wilson
OPEN CALL DAY ONE: Sign up for live performance (3 min. max.) at fluxfest@fluxlist.net
Day One - Live Performances
March 20th, 2021
20 performances

Allen Revich performing When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail: Repair a watch

Barbara Lubliner performing

C. Mehrl Bennett performing
Nothing Left Event.

Devin Cohen performing.

Jane Wang performing
Ich bin fluxus.

Jennifer Weigel performing

John M. Bennett -- two performances
Split Poem
Silent Performance

Jokie X Wilson performing

Keith A. Buchholz performing
Peel slowly and see

Lova Delis performing

Lydia Grey performing
Spring Equinox.

Jane Toye performing Allan Revich's score
Weave a ukelele

Mary Campbell -- audience participation activity and a video performance
CDC Mask Guidelines_Madlib & Eye Roll

Melissa McCarthy performing
Ask me anything
Tell me everything/sin eater

Pate Conaway demonstrating
How to Make a Debbie Reynolds

Owen Smith, Professor of Intermedia at The University of Maine, passed away seven months
after reminding us how to live the Flux Life.

Owen Smith performing EVENT FOR LIVING #1 (A Flux Life)
Until you are no longer able.

Reid Wood performing

S.A. Griffin talks about The Poetry Bomb
and reads a poem

Viv de Dada and Mr. Abracadabra
engage in banter and then perform
What's up Buttercup?

Bibiana asks for a moment of silence
for those we have not been able to hug during this pandemic year
OPEN CALL DAY TWO: Submit a video (3 min. max.) at fluxfest@fluxlist.net
Day Two - Prerecorded Video - Facebook Watch Party
March 21st, 2021
39 videos

Allan Revich
Introduction to Day 2


Adamandia Kapsalis
Round & Round

Alejandro Espinoza
Three Failures

Alexander Limarev
365 Steps

Allan Revich
Things are looking up and down

Ana Montenegro
Yoko Ono Lighting Piece

Angelo Nge

Bibiana Padilla Maltos
Up My Sleeve

Brandstifter And His Incredible Labertierchens
Who are you?

C. Mehrl and John M Bennett
Johnny Wakes Up

C. Mehrl Bennett and Others
In the Banana Hat Challenge

Chris Reynolds

Derya Avci and Ahmet Hakan

Diana Magallon

Giovanni and Renata Stradada

Horst Tress

Jennifer Weigel
Mailed Out - Color-by-Numbers Masterpieces
Catch up with this project here!

Jennifer Weigel
Day de Dada Performance Art Collective

Jokie X Wilson

Keith A. Buchholz
Cloud Gift - For Geoffrey Hendricks (2018)

Luca Zanini

Matthew Lee Knowles

Maya López Muro

Michael Orr
The Tusken Raider

Mike M. Mollett and Neal Taylor (LA Dada)

Osvaldo Cibils
El arte del asperillas

Owen F. Smith
Transition No. 3.1 and
Three Political Events for Hammer and String

Picasso Gaglione

Pier Roberto Bassi
Fluxfest 2021

Renata Zaffi
Stradada Dancing

Roberto Scala
(cavellini fluxus)

Roberto Vodanovic Copor
world behind the word

Rod Summers
A Singularity for Ryosuke

Silvio de Garcia
In spirit, homage to Kurt Schwitters

Susanne Schumacher

Svetlana Pesetskaya

Kusina Films (Tammy Kinsey and Jean Kusina)
We survived to see spring (2021)

Mary Campbell collected the scores performed during this Fluxfest and created this booklet
Click graphic above to download your own copy

SCORES by Pierro Roberto Bassi, C. Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett, Brandstifter, Mary Campbell, Osvaldo Cibils, Pate Conaway, Viv de Dada, Alejandro Espinoza, Thorsten Fuhrmann, Picasso Gaglione, Silvio de Gracia, Lydia Grey, Adamandia Kapsalis, _guroga, Drew Lesso, Alexander Limarev, Barbara Lubliner, Diana Magallon, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Melissa McCarthy, Ana Montenegro, Allan Revich, Susanne Schumacher, Owen F. Smith, Rod Summers, Jane Wang, Jennifer Weigel, Jokie X Wilson, Reid Wood
C. Mehrl Bennett's Banana Hat Challenge for Fluxfest 2021
Send me a selfie of you balancing a banana on your head
Artist stamps created by C. Mehrl Bennett and Marilyn R. Rosenberg showcasing 90 submissions
Fernando Garcia Delgado
  & Joaquín Dylan García
Anna Banana
Louise Chance-Baxter
Derek von Essen
  & Odette Hidalgo
Martine Evans
Susan Gold
Dame Mailarta
Allan Revich
David Shilman
Darja Mrdjen
Roberto Vodanović
S.D. Cooper Marquardt
Sabrina Schmider
Horst Tress
Poul R. Weile
Maria Chorianopoulou
Katerina Nikoltsou
Giannis Stamenitis
Pier Roberto Bassi
Antanas Mačiulskis
Aaron Flores
The Netherlands
Carien Van Hest
Svetlana Pesetskaya
Alexander Limarev
Sabela Baña
Rafael González
Niniji Chen
Cyril Vergnaud
Alan Bowman
Hazel Jones
Michael Leigh
Mailart Martha
Heather Wilkie (paganfrog)
Jeff Bagato
Mick Boyle
Keith Buchholz
Mary Campbell
dustin cecil
Margaret Chase
Cracker Jack Kid
Elly Dallas
Tristan & Nina Endl
K.S. Ernst
Jane Flury/MADAWG
DiAnn Gonzales
Meg Graham
Béla Grimm
Larkin Higgins
Jennie Hinchcliff
Adamandia Kapsilis
Jennifer Kosharek & Scout
Jean Kusina
Carol Lampe
Jack Lattemann
Barbara Lubliner
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
Jessica Manack
Melissa McCarthy
Hal McGee
Sheila Murphy
Sue Olcott
Michael Orzechowski
Chris Cathead Reynolds
Josh Ronsen
Marilyn R Rosenberg
  and Kala Ladenheim
Adam Roussopoulos
Alicia Starr Ryan
Robert Saunders
Cathi Schwalbe
Sinclair Scripa
Delia j Vassar Semanchik
   & Taje Crawford
Leslie Singer
Jonathan Stangroom
John Tostado (Oh Boy)
Hugh Tribbey
Vivian Vassar, Gina (the cat),
   Mark Semanchik
Nico Vassilakis
Jane Hsiaoching Wang
Jennifer Weigel
Carolyn Hasenfratz Winkelmann
Reid Wood
The "Unofficial" Banana Hat Challenge Video
C. Mehrl Bennett: "This is the Final Official 3 minute video of the Banana hat Challenge which aired at Fluxfests (Facebook) group Sunday, March 21, 2021, on Day 2 of Fluxfest 2021 Online. The participants were performing this fluxus event: 'Balance a banana on your head.' After which it was assumed they would 'Eat the banana'. I wrote the Banana hat Challenge event instruction(s) as inspired by a dream I had of meeting a work colleague at a shopping mall; As we conversed I could not take my eyes off the rotting banana nesting atop her carefully coiffed hairdo."
If you know of any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of this 2021 online festival that should be included here, please let us know! Email us here.

Visit the fluxfest.org homepage

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