Fluxus in Lithuania, 2016 - 2022
Documenting Fluxus related activities over a seven year period -- including Fluxfests and other activities
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Celebrating George Maciunas
Merging Fluxus with Life!
A major Lithuanian effort
Something truly revolutionary happened in Kaunas, Lithuania, during 2017-2022: a major effort was made to inject Fluxus into the community of everyday life. Bringing Fluxus to life -- on this scale with this many people -- had never been attempted before!

Acivities included the following:
  • George Maciunas national postage stamp
  • George Maciunas Square (a triangle!) created in front of his childhood home
  • Annual Fluxus Festivalis celebration of George Maciunas's birthday -- performances, costume creation activities, and a parade to George Maciunas Square
  • FLUXUS LABAS! (HELLO FLUXUS!) -- a major multi-year effort of nearly 1,000 events organized by 300 volunteers involving nearly 120,000 citizens. Fluxus Agents were trained and Community Laboratories were developed to bring the spirit of Fluxus creativity into Lithuanian life as part of Kaunas celebrating being honored as a European City of Culture in 2022

Lithuania issues George Maciunas postage stamp

Celebrating George Maciunas's Birthday
To celebrate George Maciunas's birthday (November 8, 1931) a parade of people wearing creative costumes they have made and doing performances they have created marches up Parodos Hill to gather at George Maciunas Square (actually a triangle!) located in front of his childhood home.

Maciunas Square -- a public project opened in 2017

Fluxus Festivalis 2019
Fluxus Festivalis 2020

Fluxus Festivalis 2021
Fluxus Festivalis 2022

Fluxus Festivalis 2022
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Fluxus Festivalis 2022


A major multiyear training and development program to organize a wide variety of community activities designed to infuse the Kaunas region with the creative spirit of Fluxus.
The information below comes from a Lithuanian-to-English Google translation of Fluxus Labas! documents found at https://www.visikaipvienas.eu/fluxus-labas/
By the end of 2018, Fluxus Labas! had already accomplished a lot!
Fluxus Labas
on Facebook
on Instagram
FLUXUS LABAS! is extremely well documented in photographs on Facebook! Visit their massive Facebook archive of nearly 7500 photographs by clicking on the graphic below.
FLUXUS LABAS! is also well documented on Instagram! Visit their Instagram archive of 270 photographs by clicking on the graphic below.
FLUXUS LABAS! has also been extremely well documented in videos! You will find many videos covering the activities of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 archived on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@Kaunas2022 including fifty videos in the Fluxus Labas playlist!

As part of the celebration of The European Capital of Culture,
the Kaunas Airport was officially renamed "Kaunas Fluxus Airport" during 2022.

If you know of any other video or audio files, photos, or accounts of the Hello Fluxus! (Fluxus Labas!) events and activities in Lithuania between 2017 - 2022 that aren't covered here, please let us know! Email us here.

Visit the fluxfest.org homepage

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